Friday, March 6, 2009

Extra spicy, please!

I was cleaning up my email and saw a list of hunks from India and the Middle East so I decided to post some of the pics here and create my own list (thanks to the wonderful world of google). I never thought that they grow these kind of men from there and that I'd admire - make that drool over their pictures. You can't blame me - after all the stereotypical comments we Filipinos make against Indians and other Middle Easterners.


- Pag hindi ka tumigil sa kakaiyak diyan, ibebenta na kita sa bumbay!
- Amoy bumbay ka na! Maligo ka naman!!!

In fairness, I dated a Persian guy last year (miss you, Ali) and he was a living testament that not everyone who eats one kilo of onions every meal stinks. P.S. Thanks for the dinner - scrambled onion, er- scrambled egg overloaded with onions.

And in case you are wondering why it didn't work out between the two of us - we really didn't have much to talk about. He had to consult his electronic dictionary for every word I say.

Anyway, on with my list!

I couldn't find any information about him but who cares about that when his eyes are killing me already!

love 'em arms n chest

and the abs of course

Full Name : Hrithik Roshan
Nick Name : Duggu
Height : 6' 2"
Birth Date : 10 January 1974
Star Sign : Capricorn
Occupation: Bolywood star

the grandson of King Faisal and the unofficial most handsome man in UAE
(can't find any info about him, too, but I know he's there somewhere)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Xploding Massage, Anyone???

First of all, I don't have any bad intention in posting this mmm... advertisement. In fact, I am just advertising it. A good advertisement should never be left out in the dark. Makes sense, right?

By the way, if you're wondering how on earth I came up with this advertisement - no, I wasn't looking for a pleasurable massage (relaxing is more I like it). I was just browsing for some second hand PCs and then in a sudden twist of fate this - came up in my screen (from

So, just let the picture speak for itself. Xjoy! I meant - Enjoy!

P.S. Don't be shy. He is mascular! Go ahead and send him a text!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bascon Na Lang Dear

It's confirmed for the nth time... Papa Piolo is gay gay gay! I confirmed it from 3 different men who had personal ^ehem^ contacts with Piolo; 1 ABS executive, 1 Advertising dude and 1 commercial model.

Good thing, here comes a Papa Piolo look alike - Joem Bascon.

He really looks a lot like Piolo - only more rugged, more delicious and more mmm... wild?

Emmanuel J. Bascon
bday: August 29, 1986 (Manila)
height: 5'11"
location: on my bed

He can really carry the bad boy look. And look at those eyes... Grr

Watch our for Joem in Betty La Fea. He will play the part of Mario (whoever that is), hopefully he will have a lot of topless pics.

It All Starts Here

It all started with one message. I thought he was the typical guy; his message was the typical line that guys always use. Sometimes, I can’t help but think that they just copy and paste it.

I know because I, at one time did that, too.

I checked his profile. His primary picture was taken by the beach, shirts off. His tummy was flat (thank God for guys with flat tummies, there’s not much left). I couldn’t tell if he has a 6-pack abs because the picture was miniature and the resolution looked like it was taken with a ½ Megapixel camera, but he looks muy delicioso.

Now, I know better than to be fooled with Friendster photos. A little snip here and a little trim there with the use of Adobe Photoshop can make Ara Mina a size 0.

I know because I just know (and no, I don’t do that if that’s what you are thinking).

But well, there’s only one way to find out.

I texted JC…

Bes, do u know sum1 named Francis fr Ateneo? He sent me a message sa Frndster. Frnd m daw xa.

Right after I sent the message, JC was calling me. And JC, being the exaggerated Chinese-Ilocano kuripot that he is (even though he doesn’t have a droplet of Chinese and Ilocano blood) has probably called me only once in our entire friendship. And that one time was using their office phone.

But he’s calling me with his own bloody cellphone. I immediately answered just so I can say that he called me for once in his life.

“Si Francis? Si Francis na taga Unionbank na nagmamaster’s sa Ateneo? Si Francis? Ha? Ha? Ha?”

He talked as if he’s on the verge of an orgasm. Make that a double orgasm.


“You must be kidding me!!! That guy is so pihikan and he’s never had a girlfriend. Why would he send you a message?”

“Hey, I don’t know. Kaya nga tinatanong ko sa iyo eh gaga!”

After another minute or so of “Sure ka si Francis na taga-Ateneo? Baka naman nagkakamali ka lang. Palogin nga sa Friendster mo to check with my own eyes? At bakit ka naman niya imemessage?” he finally put the phone down.

I never doubted my charisma with men. And I’ve been used to guys sending me friendster messages all the time (after all I’m wearing a 2-piece swimsuit in my un-photoshopped primary pic). And JC has been used to that too?

So why is he talking as if it’s a BIG HUMONGOUS deal?

No Buts and No Butts

I just remembered a bonding moment that me and my best friends Mauve and JC shared about a month ago, which is part of our weekly gathering (more about us later on). I always think that whatever we find interesting, a normal girl/gay would, too. We went to Starbucks SM North. JC has this big crush on one of the baristas which he fondly calls "destiny" because of that one time they met each other in Puerto Galera (of all places). Unfortunately, destiny wasn't there.

Mauve lost a lot of weight as in. Where as before he was chubby, he is now super lean and said that he owes it to drinking "SOY".

"Baka naman ibang soy yang iniinom mo ha!"

"Hello? Alam niyo namang hindi ako katulad ninyong dalawa."

Mauve was a ceritified Virgin as of last week.

Me and JC? Let's just say - we have experienced some of the best things the world has to offer.

"Omygod, nakita niyo na ba yung poster ni DingDong? As in gusto ko talaga yung catalogue niya kaso I need to buy 1000 worth of bench body items," JC said, sabay sabunot sa kanyang invisible hair.

"Ay oo nga ang hot na niya talaga simula ng naging Sergio siya. Dati di ko siya crush pero ngayon parang bumalik!" Mauve said.

"Oo ng eh... I want the catalogue!"

"E di bili ka ng 1k worth. Tapos ibili mo na din kami! Icredit card mo tapos babayaran na lang namin sa iyo!" We chorused.

"Heh, magtigil nga kayo jan!"

"Pero parang maliit yung pwet nya. Parang basta... maliit talaga eh."

NOTE: Setting my kalurkey feelings aside parang maliit nga yung lower body ni DDD compared to his upper. I just hope na BIG siya. Pero sexy nevertheless. Kakalaglag ng matris talaga!

This is Dingdong na payat. Mukhang camshot pa to ah... Nagsshow siguro to dati...

"Parang ang pangit ng name niya, bat naman DingDong? Pano kaya pag nagssex sila ni Karylle. Ding Dong ohhh... Ding Dong. Hahaha."

Twins ang magiging baby nila. Yung isa kay Karylle at yung isa kay Dingdong : P

Kung gantio ka kgwapo BF ko ganito din ako kahigpit hahawak

Some heads turned around. I have to remind our mouths to keep it low especially since puro X-rated and pinaguusapan namin.

"Tingin niyo nagssex sila ni Karylle?" I asked.

"Oo naman!"

"Tingin ko din eh... kasi dati nga mga pictures nila ni Antoinette Taus naka bathrobe lang nasa Sonia's Garden sila." This is a fact. I saw it with my own eyes years back in Toni's Friendster profile. "Pero parang hindi sila bagay ni Karylle!"

"Actually, parang walang bagay kay Karylle. Hahahaha."

P.S. Of course it's not true. We're just damn jealous bitches.

Here are more reasons to hate Karylle...

OMG - Do you see what I'm seeing? Tell me I'm just not imagining things...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Gay Planet

Gays are the perfect best friends a girl can ever have. They ogle at your boys but can never steal them. You can go to a fancy night out and rule out "serious" competition. They have high fashion and style IQ. You can tell them your dirtiest secrets and they'd make you feel better (that's not too dirty, wait til you hear about what I did...). They are always funny even when they're not trying. They are downright honest and brutally frank but their criticisms would always seem constructive in an odd kind of way.

Needless to say, I love being with gay people. They are funny, kinky, hilarious, dependable, and they can even pose as an emergency boyfie when that guy who dumped you passes by.

This is for all the gays out there.

And this is for that one person that I wish (has/will) never become one of those living in...

The Gay Planet.